An integrated development environment (IDE) might be the best way to go if you are a software developer and need to be aware of all parts of your project at the same time. IDEs usually come with built-in compilers, source editors, revision managers and a lot more useful features.


1 on 1 vote

Microchip Technology Inc.

3.3 on 3 votes

Text Control GmbH

Apache Friends

4.4 on 144 votes


4.3 on 8 votes

Jos van der Zande

4.6 on 16 votes

Adobe Systems Incorporated

4 on 7 votes

The MathWorks, Inc.

3.1 on 12 votes

The MathWorks, Inc.

4 on 100 votes

ARM Ltd and ARM Germany GmbH.

3.7 on 55 votes

Oracle Corporation

3.8 on 53 votes


3.8 on 59 votes

Sencha Inc.

5 on 1 vote

RISE To Bloome Software

Numpty Developers

4.3 on 6 votes

vbCity, LLC


5 on 1 vote


2 on 1 vote


5 on 1 vote


Deniz Esen

BreakPoint Software, Inc.

4.6 on 30 votes


5 on 1 vote

OpenSSL Team

4.3 on 12 votes

Alexander Shaduri

3.4 on 7 votes

Altera Corporation

5 on 7 votes

Adam Sawicki

WaveMaker Software, Inc.

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