It's one thing to have an encyclopedia and quite another to have software that combines a couple of those. Such software usually gives you more options and better and easier search engine. Check out this software category, read reviews on these education applications, take a pick, and download instantly.

Franc Morales

4.6 on 29 votes

Sheelnidhi Gupta

4.2 on 57 votes

Konstantin Isakov

3.4 on 8 votes

AthTek Software

4.3 on 27 votes

Nicola Ottomano

4.3 on 3 votes

McGraw Hill Companies

4.3 on 10 votes

ABBYY Software

3.9 on 104 votes


4 on 2 votes

Cambridge University Press Holdings Limited

4.8 on 6 votes

SelamSoft Inc.

1.7 on 3 votes

Jump Pilot Project

1 on 1 vote

Jovian Archive Corporation

University of Colorado, Department of Physics

Paragon Software

5 on 2 votes

SenseQuiet Technologies

University of Colorado

1 on 1 vote

Sphinx Software

4.7 on 3 votes


Department for Business Innovation and Skills ( BIS )

Brown & Herbranson

DYC Software Studio Co., Ltd.

5 on 1 vote

Oxford University Press

3.9 on 20 votes


3.7 on 50 votes

Paragon Software

5 on 1 vote

University of Colorado, Department of Physics