Various education software can be found in this category, including applications that help you learn languages, develop better computer skills, teaching tools, and science software (e.g., science calculators).

Lifeware Solutions

4 on 1 vote

3.5 on 8 votes

Alessandro Portale

2.5 on 2 votes


Macrophobia Ltd.

Predator Software, Inc.

3.8 on 5 votes

Hans Joerg Schmidt

4.7 on 3 votes

University of Colorado, Department of Physics

University of Colorado, Department of Physics

5 on 2 votes

Taku Fukada

4 on 5 votes

Karl E. Brinkmann GmbH

3.8 on 6 votes

Laerdal Medical

New Wave Concepts Limited

4 on 109 votes

Texas Instruments, Inc.

Renishaw plc


V.A. Solé - ESRF BLISS Group

5 on 1 vote

University of Colorado, Department of Physics

3 on 2 votes

University of Connecticut Health Center

The Marble project

2.8 on 6 votes

Exelis Visual Information Solutions

5 on 1 vote

Genome Evolution Laboratory

University of Colorado

5 on 2 votes

The CUCKOO Workgroup

PRTG Tools Family

Keio University

5 on 1 vote

Fairchild Semiconductor