This category provides you with the games that simulate everyday activities, the way of life or war battles. You can feel yourself a god in a digital world, the great emperor or the best farmer in the neighborhood.


4.5 on 11 votes

MindArk PE AB

3.8 on 11 votes

Awake Dream

3.9 on 7 votes

3.7 on 9 votes

Xumepoc Studios

Persuasive Games


Noble Empire Limited

4.3 on 6 votes

Electronic Arts

4.4 on 549 votes


5 on 5 votes

Eagle Dynamics

5 on 1 vote

Falco Software, Inc.

5 on 4 votes

UK2000 Scenery

Longgame Software

1.5 on 4 votes


Linden Research, Inc.

4.2 on 80 votes

MyPlayCity, Inc.

3.4 on 5 votes

Safe Communications Inc.

5 on 1 vote

Falco Software, Inc.

4.8 on 5 votes

EuroJackpot Software

Alphasim, Erwin Welker, Michael Pook

Mario Noriega

Phil Howlett /Robert Norris

Dale Glass

GIANTS Software

3.5 on 6 votes
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