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Software can help you with a lot of things and it is not limited to browsing the Internet and creating text documents. Programs from this category let you maintain or diversify your lifestyle, they range from software that helps you with cooking to fitness and healthcare, and even religion-related ones.


4.3 on 36 votes

Halliburton ESG

Binary Engineers

MedRx Inc.


5 on 2 votes

Calsep Webmaster

Engineered Software, Inc.

Master Wong Group

Instant Traffic Locator

SD Software

3.3 on 3 votes


3.8 on 4 votes

EpicScale, Inc.

3.9 on 15 votes

Ded Pyhto, Inc

3 on 2 votes


3.5 on 2 votes

Vectormedia Software.

2.3 on 7 votes

Víctor García Tascón

3.7 on 3 votes

andrei / gene_wood / mohrt

Resell Rights

Ambrus Weisz


5 on 1 vote

Ewert Technologies

4.2 on 5 votes

Tarot of Aquarius Era


Antonio Fischetti