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Software can help you with a lot of things and it is not limited to browsing the Internet and creating text documents. Programs from this category let you maintain or diversify your lifestyle, they range from software that helps you with cooking to fitness and healthcare, and even religion-related ones.


3.8 on 5 votes

Resell Rights

Antonio Fischetti

Stephen J. Weeks

Ambrus Weisz


Ewert Technologies

5 on 3 votes

The OpenCPN Authors

3.2 on 10 votes

Innovative Neurotronics

Jitzak Luria Academie

5 on 1 vote

Garmin Ltd or its subsidiaries


3 on 4 votes

Brother Industries, Ltd.

2.6 on 5 votes

StoryRock Inc.

Anand Tech Media

4 on 1 vote


FLIR Systems, inc.


Redwood Photo Ltd.

Framy Ltd

Cathe dot Com

Johan Andreasson & Johan Risberg

5 on 1 vote


4.4 on 8 votes

RubyInstaller Team

3.2 on 6 votes

NewspaperDirect Inc.

4 on 9 votes

Mirolit Software

5 on 1 vote
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