There is a number of calculators out there, and you can find one for practically any purpose you may have. Your choice should depend on what you are using a calculator for, and what kind of calculations you plan on doing.

BITZER Kühlmaschinenbau GmbH

3.4 on 9 votes


2.3 on 3 votes

Wayne Jayes & Harvey Wilson

1 on 1 vote

Hardcoded Software



5 on 1 vote

Drastic Technologies Ltd

Vaxa Software


4 on 3 votes


SJW Computer Resources

1 on 1 vote

Powercom Co., Ltd

Texas Instruments Inc

5 on 1 vote


4.3 on 3 votes

Aubert Electronics

4.7 on 3 votes

Ware5 Software

2.8 on 5 votes

Xyntec Automation Inc.

5 on 1 vote


3.3 on 4 votes

Big Angry Dog Ltd

4.2 on 12 votes

Gold Calculator Software Products

Computer Services for You LLC.

3DPageFlip Solution

3 on 1 vote

LPCSoft / Andrew Peck

Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions, Inc

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