No matter what you do on your computer, you always have to keep it secure, and that's when this software category is pretty handy. It includes programs from popular all-purpose antiviruses to applications focused on more specific things, like password managers, data encrypting tools, and safety scanners.


Privacy Protector

Wave Systems Corp

3.7 on 10 votes

Panda Security

3.8 on 4 votes

Digital Care Solutions




4.7 on 3 votes

Code:Aero Technologies

4.7 on 3 votes

Quick Heal Technologies (P) Ltd.

4.1 on 199 votes

ChicaLogic Inc.

3.7 on 35 votes


Brainzsquare Co., Ltd.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Marcello Pietrelli & Gianni Baini

5 on 3 votes

Fasoo USA, Inc.


4.6 on 23 votes

AutoBAUP Ltd.

3.8 on 22 votes

Officeconvert Software, Inc.

3 on 2 votes

Neobyte Solutions

4.5 on 4 votes

TrustSoft, Inc

Doctor Web

4 on 53 votes

-XL- Development

5 on 3 votes

Márton Anka

4.6 on 5 votes

Osborn Software

3.3 on 3 votes
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