Battery Utilities

Sometimes battery utilities can be the one and only way to ensure your battery usage is controllable, at least to a certain degree. Make sure you make the right choice because most utilities of the type depend on the laptop manufacturer, operating system, etc.

Thomas Baumann

3.3 on 4 votes

Black Kingdom Enterprise

4.6 on 5 votes

TOSHIBA Corporation

5 on 1 vote

Dachshund Software

4.3 on 31 votes

LG Electronics Inc.

3.5 on 2 votes

Lenovo Group Limited

3.6 on 5 votes

Microsys Com Ltd.

Chris Thompson

4.5 on 2 votes

Filipe Lourenço

4.1 on 109 votes

Cyber Power Systems, Inc.

3.5 on 13 votes

Microsys Com Ltd.

4 on 1 vote

Rogosoft Corporation

2.7 on 3 votes

Luculent Systems, LLC

2 on 1 vote


3 on 4 votes


3.8 on 22 votes

Tarasov Artyom

Battery Condition Test

5 on 1 vote

Vigyanlabs Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

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