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  • How to Convert SPL to XLSX with ActMask SPL Batch Converter and PDF to XLSX online service

How to Convert SPL to XLSX with ActMask SPL Batch Converter and PDF to XLSX online service

How to Convert SPL to XLSX with ActMask SPL Batch Converter and PDF to XLSX online service

SPL is a filename extension of spool files that are generated when printing a document on computers running on Windows operating system. These files are used to store drawing commands for the printer (SHD files are generated for the actual job). As you can see, working with SPL files is quite difficult, because this type of files is not supported by many applications. Therefore, converting them to a more popular format, like XLSX, the new Excel spreadsheet format, can be a good idea, if you want to view and extract the data from your spool files.

Unfortunately, there is no direct way you can do that, but I can show you a method using two applications: ActMask SPL Batch Converter 3.1 (Shareware $298.95) for turning SPL files into PDF documents and the PDF to XLSX online service that should complete the job. 

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You will need to download the following software to keep up with this tutorial.

ActMask SPL Batch Converter 3.1 is shareware, but a free trial version is available that will let you use the program for a limited time.

Here is the step-by-step guide for converting SPL files to XLSX

Step 1

Launch ActMask SPL Batch Converter 3.1.

Step 2

Add all the desired SPL files to the list.

Step 3

Select PDF as the output format from the drop-down list.

Select PDF as the output formatSelect PDF as the output format

Step 4

Click on "Convert Files" and wait for the process to finish.

Step 5

Go to the PDF to XLSX webiste.

Step 6

Upload the PDF file (click on "Choose File") and select XLSX as the output format.

Choose XLSX as the conversion formatChoose XLSX as the conversion format

Step 7

Enter your email address, as you will receive the PDF files as an email, and click on the "Convert" button.


Turning SPL files into XLSX using this method can be a bit tricky, but if you follow the presented guide, you shouldn't encounter any problems. Both ActMask SPL Batch Converter and the PDF to XLSX online service are pretty easy to use and you will have your spool files converted to Excel spreadsheets in no time. If you want to use other applications to perform this task, you can use any of the available tools from the "Alternative Downloads" section for either converting SPL to PDF or PDF to XLSX.

  • Pretty easy to use
  • Fast conversion speed (both of the applications)
  • Can be a bit time consuming as you will have to use two programs/services

Alternative downloads

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