Best Text Editors 2019 for Mac

Text editors allow you to quickly manage plain text and write and improve your source code. We've reviewed top 5 text editors designed for a different audience: ordinary users, web designers, and app developers. Look through this article and choose the best tool for yourself.

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Neil Brown, Michael Kolling, Davin McCall, Philip Stevens, John Rosenberg, Ian Utting, Marion Zalk

Guilherme Silveira


Bartek Teodorczyk

ipSoft Ltd.


Yuriy Brun

Zeit, Inc.

Gautier Portet

3.5 on 77 votes

Dragon Forged Software

4 on 48 votes

Cultured Code

4.9 on 59 votes

Rage Software

Frantisek Mantlik

tigerbears, LLC


Imagination Technologies Limited.

Chris Read


4.2 on 98 votes

Fantaisie Software

4.9 on 37 votes

Paul Rowland

Paul Davey


5 on 83 votes

SkorpiosTech Inc

3 on 1 vote

Olivier Chafik


Christian Hohnstädt

2.3 on 37 votes

Nikolai Krill

4.6 on 38 votes