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The variety of applications included in this category is very wide indeed. Here you can find miscellaneous educational tools that will help you acquire and improve your knowledge in such fields as photography, drawing, science, as well as assist you in increasing your typing speed, learning how to use various programs or computer in general, to create a mind map, and even how to play virtual pool or poker.

D6 Technology

Noble Empire Limited


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Department of Applied Mathematics



André Roberge

Wolfram Research, Inc.

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Jelly Biscuits

Church Software Programs

raingrove and getdenso

Interactive Biosoftware

Isee systems, inc.

Devstorm Apps

Travis East

CloudMakers, s. r. o.

eMetric, LLC

Bridger Maxwell

Mihaela Popescu

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D6 Technology

Cisco Systems, Inc.

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Purdue University