Science tools can help you acquire and improve knowledge in various areas. This category offers you a wide range of applications for Mac to help you learn science such as astronomy, math, physics, biology, geology, genealogy, and more.

Laurence Anthony



David Stanley

Hayne of Tintagel

5 on 4 votes

Martin Strohalm

2.6 on 92 votes

Andreas Winter

Interstudio S.r.l.

Magnus Achim Deininger

Philipp Seibel


Andreas Konarski

4.7 on 47 votes

Brian Harvey and Jens Moenig

Efofex Software

Charles D. H. Williams

3 on 45 votes

James W. Walker

5 on 70 votes

James Foulds and Tim Stokes


Mathieu Fourment

Nestor Cardozo

2.6 on 99 votes

Marcus D. Hanwell, Geoff Hutchison and Tim Vandermeersch


4.6 on 5 votes

NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies

4.9 on 80 votes

Tobias Due Munk

2.4 on 95 votes

Blacks Software


IBM Corporation

3.5 on 2 votes