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Educational applications are very popular nowadays and this category offers a whole range of options including the tools that will help you acquire or improve your language, computer, or science skills.

Jeff Skrysak & Jens Bauer

Christopher J. Fennell


David Barnhardt

Marek Ledvina

2.8 on 56 votes

Tsutomu Murata

Tagsom Edutainment

Marcin Gibas

RWTH Aachen University

4.1 on 59 votes

Mark Vasiv

1 on 1 vote

Alexandre Courbot

4.8 on 32 votes

Dancing Tortoise Software


Stefan Dolder

Dark White Inc.

4.6 on 27 votes

MIT Teacher Education Program

Kedronic UAB

4.5 on 2 votes

Golfig AB


Red Sweater Software

4.2 on 54 votes


John Wells

John Przyborski

HeFei Tgwoo Software Co,. LTD.

2.7 on 27 votes

Sebastian Sparrer

3.5 on 77 votes

Makoto Tanahashi

Best App Limited

2.9 on 99 votes