File Managers

A recurring task you have to do from time to time when working with an operating system is manage files. If the default file manager does not provide enough options or you don't consider it comfortable to use, take advantage of this category and find an alternative file manager.

Hitek Software, LLC.

4.1 on 91 votes

Hyperbolic Software

Pierre-Yves Dussaix

Parallels IP Holdings GmbH.

Ian Binnie


Christian Beer

As Is Technology

mark mark soft studio

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Marc Liyanage

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Double H Software

5 on 51 votes

Qixingshi Technology CO.,LTD

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Marco Mastroddi

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Dybala Securities

Google Sites

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PlexObject Solutions

Michael Watson

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Rohan Sharma


Acusticaudio s.r.l.

Found Software, Inc.

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Konstantin Pavlikhin

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