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Hard-to-find miscellaneous communication software is assembled in this category. Download smileys and emoticons applications, messaging server managers, chat room administration tools, and much more.

Paul Mayer



K-Keys (KE3C)

N3FJP Software - Affirmatech

omNovia Technologies

Ullrich Eckhardt

the twitmonger development team.

Brooklyn Computer Systems

Brian Roode, NJ6N

Global Telecom Connect

TerraNova Sistemi Informativi Territoriali

LanguageSpirit Limited Creations

Nir Lavi

Seacom International Inc.

D6 Technology

Friend Adder Elite

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Canadian Mind Products

Inky Software

Nexthaus Corporation

Dolphin Computer Access

Black Ice Software Inc

Alpha Simulations

Smarter Broadcast, Inc.

WebEx Communications, Inc

BuTel Software LLC