Choose this category to find software that will provide activities for your spare time. This set of programs offers various kinds of entertainment from singing karaoke and playing different instruments to lazy TV watching or reading jokes. If you are tired after a noisy day, a digital aquarium is to watch at and relax or perhaps you have some free time to create your own movie database.

Komcore Corporation

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Mirolit Software

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Dave Muse Media

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Media Freeware

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Data 7 Consultancy, England

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Giant Evil Robot

Fresh News Inc.

Credo Interactive Inc.


Open Media LLC

Immortal Software

Sinner Computing


Todd, Michael & James, Inc.



Dmitry G. Kozhinov

Tijmen van der Burgt

KAB Software

David Cashmore

Ken Kirkpatrick Software

PopKey Inc

Noble Empire Limited

Rohitab Batra

Lancaster University