General programs home & hobby

Programs from this category let you maintain or diversify your lifestyle, they range from software that helps you with knitting to programs that help you to learn how to play the guitar.

Gapminder Foundation

Assessment Systems Corp

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Schneider Electric Automation GmbH

GumshoeKI, Inc.

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Matrix Science

G4ILO Software

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A.Petitjean , qiplus

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BuTel software

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Health Communication Network Limited


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bpt s.p.a.

Antonio Fischetti

subsurface team

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Embla Systems

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Kevin Solway

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Leica Geosystems AG

Orcina Ltd

HotBounce programming & development

Armin Sander

Brent Lambert, David Ray, jonthomas, David Wiley, Tom Caswell

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Corentin Chary

TransMedia Productions, Inc.

Canary Labs

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