There is a number of calculators out there, and you can find one for practically any purpose you may have. Your choice should depend on what you are using a calculator for, and what kind of calculations you plan on doing.

SPRINX Systems, a.s.

MHA Petroleum Consultants, LLC

Washington State Department of Transportation

1 on 1 vote

Wrightsoft Corporation

Magnar Myrtveit



2 on 1 vote

Bosch Security Systems

2 on 1 vote

Thunder Scientific Corp

FHG-IBP, Holzkirchen

1 on 2 votes

Klingenburg GmbH

Mike Holt Enterprises

T & D Corporation

Measurement Technology Limited

Gestation Network

H P Info Systems

Add-in Express Ltd.

2 on 1 vote

Travis East


Gorman Business Services

2 on 1 vote

John Trotto

Certified Angus Beef LLC

Ferret Information Systems

Yonat Sharon

Basta Computing, Inc.

Ferret Information Systems Ltd.