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ChemDraw Professional is a drawing tool for chemists and biologists that allows you to create publication-ready and scientifically intelligent drawings.

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... , Chemical Kinetics, Reaction Mechanisms ... Chemical Bonding II, Organic Structures, Drawing ...

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ChemBioDraw is the drawing tool of choice for chemists and biologists to create publication-ready ...

... chemical objects as needed A single drawing ... , and calculate reaction stoichiometry. Find ...


The Molecular Workbench™ (MW) software is a a versatile platform for science education.

... transfer, chemical bonding, chemical reactions, structure-function ...


Cain performs stochastic and deterministic simulations of chemical reactions.

... simulations of chemical reactions. It can ...


EventScript is a small and clean plug-in distributed as donationware and is available totally free of charge.

... there automatic reactions that you ... and take reactions upon actions ...


MarvinView is an advanced chemical viewer for single and multiple chemical structures, queries and reactions.

... multiple chemical structures, queries and reactions ... filling. Saving chemical structures as ...


MySequence helps you visualize, analyze, and document your DNA sequencing reactions.

... DNA sequencing reactions. The program ... your sequencing reactions, search nucleotide ...

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Organic Chemistry Essentials is the perfect addition to your textbook and a great mobile companion.

... and organic reactions. The app ... known trick reactions, clues ... to organic reactions, and ...


Tidalis is a block-based puzzle game with casual appeal, hardcore depth, and an addictive new "streams" mechanic.

... up chain reactions of like ...