Find the best parental control software 2023 for Windows

Parental control software keep your kids safe from explicit and illegal content on the Internet. With the help of these services, parents can supervise the online activity of their children, block inappropriate websites, limit screen time, and even track their location.

Trial period  
Internet filtering  
Apps and games management  
Calls and SMS tracking  
Social network monitoring  
Device management  
Location tracking  
Screen time scheduling  
Real-time alerts  
Remote administration  
Per-user profiles   ? Set a unique profile for every device user.
Age-based settings   ? Set an age-based filter in order your child can't download apps above this age.
Easy setup  
Streamlined interface  
Available for Mac/Android/iOS  
30 days
Unlimited for basic features
Win, Mac, Android
Android only
Win, Mac, Android
15 days
3 (100%) 0 (0%)
One of the most popular and highly configurable parental control software. Qustodio offers a wide range of features to ensure your kids' safety within an easy user interface. You can try it for free or get the full version for $54.95
Qustodio features:
  • Real-time Internet filter.
  • Pornography blocker.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp monitoring.
  • Time limit settings.
  • Internet usage scheduling.
  • Location tracking.
  • Emergency button.
  • Games and Apps monitoring.
  • Calls and SMS tracking.

    - Easy to manage
    - Available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices
    - Powerful social monitoring
    - Impressive online configuration

    - Notification feature doesn't allow sending you text alerts
Official website:
Kaspersky Safe Kids
Kaspersky Safe Kids
1 (33%) 2 (67%)
Created both for computers and mobile devices, Kaspersky Safe Kids guards you and your child from various digital dangers and online risks. This is an affordable parental control solution ($14.95) that offers a solid web filtering engine and doesn't set any limits on the number of devices you monitor.
Kaspersky Safe Kids features:
  • Internet filtering.
  • Social network monitoring.
  • Apps and device management.
  • Whereabouts tracking.
  • Android calls and SMS monitoring.
  • Real-time alerts.

    - Blocks content based on a child’s age
    - No limit of devices or user profiles
    - Save from explicit search results
    - Sends real-time notifications via email
    - Inexpensive

    - Calls and SMS monitoring Android only
    - No app and device management for iOS
    - Reports social network activity with delay
Net Nanny
Net Nanny
2 (100%) 0 (0%)
The leading web filtering software solution designed to retain some control over your kids' Internet activity. Net Nanny offers the extensive list of features that provides the most reliable and diverse protection, powerful filtering, and outstanding support options. The price is $39.99
Net Nanny features:
  • Internet Filter.
  • Porn blocker.
  • Online time management.
  • Profanity masking (a specialized browser to mask swear words and explicit images).
  • Real-time email alerts and reporting.
  • Web-based configuration.
  • Personal accountability.
  • Remote administration.

    - Age-based profiles
    - Simplicity of use
    - Supports Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
    - Can mask only offensive words instead of blocking all content
    - App control for Android and iOS

    - Lacks social media monitoring
2 (100%) 0 (0%)
A comprehensive Internet safety and parental control solution. KidsWatch includes several tools and blockers designed to safeguard your family from risky web content and applications. You'll have to pay a one time fee of $49.95 to get its professional version, or you can try the 15-day trial for free.
KidsWatch features:
  • Internet filtering.
  • Keyword search filtering.
  • Ability to create "Trusted" and "Restricted" lists.
  • Time management.
  • Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo!, AOL, MSN, ICQ and Jabber chat monitoring.
  • Email alerts.

    - Easy and effective time scheduler
    - Records IM conversations
    - Real-time alerts

    - Not available for Mac OS
    - Doesn't support smartphones or tablets
    - Helpless technical support
K9 Web Protection
K9 Web Protection
1 (100%) 0 (0%)
K9 Web Protection is a free Internet filter and parental control software for your home Windows or Mac computer. K9 puts you in control of the Internet so you can protect your kids.
Main features:
  • Block websites in more than 70 categories, including pornography, gambling, drugs, violence/hate/racism, malware/spyware, phishing.
  • Force SafeSearch on all major search engines.
  • Set time restrictions to block web access during designated times.
  • Configure custom lists for "always allow" and "always block".
  • Override a web page block with password.
  • Trust the enhanced anti-tampering, even children can't break.
  • View easy reports to monitor and control web activity.
  • Real-time categorization of new adult and malicious sites.
  • Best free parental controls software/internet filter available.
  • Compatible with Windows or Mac machines.


Among all the reviewed software solutions, Qustodio leads the way with the highest rating, which makes it the best parental control software of 2018. This powerful software program comes with loads of useful tools and features and provides the strongest line of defense of your kids when they're online.

What parental control software are you using? Why? Share it with us and we'll add the program to our comparison list.


TheBlackCat 5 years ago

The freeware tool is scarce on possibilities, so why should I even think of using it? Yet, the rest are pretty much pricey. I think I'll look for some other tools. By the way, three of them can be controlled remotely - are they safe?

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Hey_you 5 years ago

I suppose Kaspersky products are the best so I choose it for preventing my child from bad content.

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Luccy MCcolly 5 years ago

I think my son deserves his freedom, I don't want to spy him.

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