Top video editing software 2023 for Windows

Video editors provide tools for merging two files into one, adding special effects, like episode-changing animation, apply filters to reach specific final effects, add or remove sounds, insert photos, add subtitles, etc.

Trial period  
HD quality support  
Transition and video effects  
Image insertion  
DVD/Blue-ray/HD quality/Mobile formats/MPEG-4 support  
Stereoscopic 3D editing   
Drag and Drop  
Split-screen video creation   ? Сombine two videos to be shown in a split screen.
Effect presets  
3D title editor  
Green screen   ? Set any background to videos taken on a green background.
Video stabilization   ? Get rid of dragging and trembling in your videos.
3D video editing  
Audio recording  
Video capture  
DVD menu creation  
Output to social media   ? Create a video and publish it directly on Facebook and other social media services.
Slideshow creation  
Hardware acceleration   ? Use your PC hardware to increase speed of video processing.
DVD authoring tools   ? Assign your own signature to the created DVD file.
Modern interface  
Available for Mac  
30 days
30 days
For personal use
$39.00 per year
Vegas Pro
Vegas Pro
25 (69%) 11 (31%)
Professional video and audio production utility with a customizable interface and Dolby Digital sound. It is shareware with a limited time trial version, but works with all possible video qualities, including 4K and HD ones. It costs $399, the trial period is 30 days.
  • Realtime video editing controls.
  • Modern interface.
  • Hardware acceleration.
  • DVD authoring tools.
  • Regular updates.
  • High quality video and audio processing.
  • Works on Windows 7 and higher.

    - Professional quality.
    - Stereoscopic 3D editing.
    - High quality audio recording.
    - Editing presets for both video and audio.
    - Writes Blue-rays and double-layer DVDs.
    - Supports a long list of formats, including AAC, AVI, MPEG-1, WMV, WDP, DDS, DPX, AAF, etc.

    - Video processing may take some time.
Official website:
Pinnacle Studio
Pinnacle Studio
14 (82%) 3 (18%)
A video editor with the option to create Split-Screen videos, highlight a single color, or use templates. This is a professional-level utility which you have to buy at the cost of $59.95. The trial period is 30 days.
  • Template library.
  • Slideshow creation.
  • Video filters and effects.
  • A library of title and overlay effects.

    - Record the created video on CD, DVD, Blue-ray.
    - Drag and drop.
    - Split screen video creation.
    - Timeline editing.
    - 3D title editor.

    - Complicated menu structure.
    - Long file processing time.
    - No template creation.
Wondershare Filmora
Wondershare Filmora
8 (67%) 4 (33%)
This is a video editor suitable for beginners. It has lots of presets which simplify the process of video creation. After the trial period is over, you will have to buy it at $69.99. The trial version is unlimited in time, but inserts a watermark into your videos.
  • 4K videos support.
  • Camera shake effects.
  • Audio mixer.
  • GIF editing.
  • Screen recording.
Strong sides

    - Green screen.
    - Noise removal.
    - Reverse your clips.
    - DIrect social networks media import.
    - Multilayer timeline.
    - Video stabilization.
    - Audio separation.
Weak points

    - Watermarks videos while in trial mode.
Official website:
VideoPad Video Editor
VideoPad Video Editor
10 (91%) 1 (9%)
A capable video editor which is free to use for non-commercial purposes and has a vast library of transition effects. Also, you can buy it for $60 for commercial usage.
VideoPad Video Editor features
  • Available for Mac.
  • 3D video editing.
  • Customizable transition effects duration.
  • Template creation support.
  • VIsual effects.

    - Text animations.
    - Audio mixing and recording.
    - Video stabilization.
    - Burn to DVD.
    - Share online.
    - Full-HD support.

    - Quality loss may occur.
Official website:
AVS Video Editor
AVS Video Editor
6 (75%) 2 (25%)
A powerful video editor for complete film creation: from video merging to menu insertion for the created file. The program is shareware, the full edition costs $69. The trial period is unlimited.
Features of AVS Video Editor
  • Slideshow creation.
  • High quality output files.
  • Transition effects.
  • Result preview.
  • Works with all Windows versions.

    - Video capture.
    - Wide format list support.
    - DVD menu creation.
    - Plugins from the same developer are available.

    - Trial version adds a watermark to the processed video.
Official website:


We have two leaders on the list: Vegas Pro and Pinnacle Studio as professional-level utilities with the most feature-rich functionality. What video editor do you use? Tell us and we'll add it to our comparison list.


Amy 4 years ago

Thanks for sharing, but as for me, I prefer to use the Dumpmedia video converter, useful and convenient.

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Nikki67 5 years ago

I personally prefer Adobe products. They are complicated but are ideal for the professional video creation. None of these stands against them.

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B 5 years ago

Will you make reviews for the next version of these programs? It'll be very helpful.

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HungryHamster 5 years ago

Can I make a Hollywood-like scene with any of these editors?

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