What is the fastest web browser 2023 for Windows?

Web browsers are software programs designed to access information on the Internet. There are lots of powerful and reliable web browsers on the market which are slightly different, but they all allow users to explore various content on the World Wide Web.

Open source  
Startup Time  
Page load time  
Security tools  
Built-in PDF reader  
Private mode  
Stash   ? For saving pages to read later
Password manager  
Autofilling   ? Fill out web forms with one click
Favorites sidebar  
Parental control  
Reading mode  
Integrated search engine   ? E.g. Google, Yahoo!, Bind, etc.
Versatile extension support  
Tabbed browsing   ? Websites "tabbed" sections of one page, rather than multiple pages.
Built-in Flash support  
Voice assistant  
Customization options  
Make screenshots  
Automatic updates  
Easy to navigate  
Available for Mac/Android/iOS  
1.1 sec
3.2 sec
1.7 sec
5.3 sec
1.8 sec
3.3 sec
2.1 sec
8.7 sec
2.7 sec
9.9 sec
21 (88%) 3 (12%)
Fast and flexible web browser known for its wide support for extensions. Firefox offers a balanced use of RAM, features strong privacy tools, and allows changing its appearance with thousands of built-in themes.
    • Lightweight
    • Fast browsing speed
    • Password manager
    • New system of add-ons and extensions
    • Vast customization options
    • Cross-device syncing
    • Tab sharing
    • Better bookmarks
    • Private browsing
    • Regular updates
    • Free and open-source
    • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
    • Effective privacy tools
    • Very fast
    • Light on memory usage
    • Difficult-to-contact support team
    • Lacks built-in Flash
Google Chrome
Google Chrome
14 (82%) 3 (18%)
One of the most popular web browsers on the market. Google Chrome comes with an intuitive and well-organized layout, supports privacy browsing, offers convenient tools and security features to keep you safe while you're surfing the web.
    • Open-source
    • Easy-to-navigate interface
    • Device synchronization
    • Fast browsing
    • Available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS
    • Privacy mode
    • Security tools
    • Integrated search engine
    • Autofill option
    • Regular automatic updates
    • One-click bookmarks
    • Tabbed browsing
    • Easy to use, secure, fast
    • Can sync information across multiple devices
    • Has a built-in Flash player and PDF reader
    • Rather slow when navigating from one page to another
6 (67%) 3 (33%)
An underrated but secure and feature-rich Internet browser that is fast and compatible with every platform and device. Opera is built on the same engine as Chrome, Google’s Chromium, and offers fast launch and page load times, which is efficient for slow connections.
    • Open-source
    • Strong security tools
    • Available for all operating systems
    • Compatible with smartphones, tablets, PCs
    • Clean and intuitive interface
    • Convenient sidebar with shortcuts to favorite websites
    • Fast loading and navigating speed
    • One-click bookmarking
    • Tabbed browsing
    • Device synchronization
    • Turbo mode
    • The second fastest browser
    • Built-in 'Stash' for saving pages to read later
    • Lets users put all most frequently visited websites in one place
    • Has fewer plug-ins and extensions than other browsers
    • Lacks parental control tools
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge
2 (40%) 3 (60%)
Microsoft's new browser for Windows 10. It's a fast and user-friendly Internet browser which is compatible only with Windows 10 and unavailable for older operating systems. Microsoft Edge comes with an integrated reading mode and offers powerful security and privacy features.
    • Default Windows 10 web browser
    • Security and privacy features
    • User-friendly design
    • Reading mode
    • Lightweight
    • Built-in Flash and PDF support
    • Cortana digital assistant integration
    • Available for Windows 10, Android, iOS
    • Fast and easy to navigate
    • Built-in reading mode
    • Poor extension support
    • Lacks Windows backwards compatibility
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer
2 (40%) 3 (60%)
The latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE11) represents a fast and reliable web browser for Windows 7 and 8.1 Although it's less expandable than its rivals, IE has a minimal interface, offers powerful and efficient web browsing, and requires less memory usage and CPU compared to Chrome or Firefox.
    • Effective security tools
    • Streamlined interface
    • Device syncing
    • Fast browsing speed
    • Compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8
    • Autofill function
    • Bookmarks and tabs
    • Automatic updates
    • Demands less use of resources
    • Easy to use
    • Takes longer to load full pages
    • Poor plugin support
    • Not available for Windows 10, Mac, Android, iOS
    • Lacks voice interaction


The result of our testing shows that Firefox offers the fullest set of features and tools. Also, it leads the way with the 3.2 sec. speed. We recommend using this software program as your web browser for daily Internet surfing.

What web browser are you using? Why? Share it with us and we'll add the program to our comparison list.


Mmoz 8 months ago

I love FireFox!

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Bradley 9 months ago

Opera has always been focused on security. Since it went commercial :( I don't know if that changed its focus. I hope not because it renders quickly and shies away from bloat.

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BrodWay 4 years ago

Is there someone who is using Opera?)

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Chrrzz 4 years ago

BrodWay, I do. It's quite nice)

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