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The Tooth Atlas is an Dental Anatomy and 3-D Interactive Tooth Atlasis a revolutionary educational tool for use ...

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GearDXF is a free program which outputs a DXF file containing a 2D outline of a spur gear using specified parameters.

GearDXF is a free program which ... parameters. The tooth face is ...

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ClinCheck Pro with 3D Controls is a program that provides more precise control over the final tooth position to help achieve your treatment goals.

... Pro with 3D Controls is ... the final tooth position to ... on the 3D model and ...

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Laby Flex is a software tool designed for engineering solutions.

... , upstream pressure, tooth thickness, flow ...

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You have a unique opportunity to play free word game! Bunduster is an appetizing piece of gaming for cake-eaters and computer fans.

... to play free word game ... for the free word game ... game for free!

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Cimco Speed and Feed helps you to calculate feed and speed parameters for mills, drills and thread taps.

... , feed per tooth, surface feed ...

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Dividing Head Calculator is a simple program to help mechanical engineers and students.

... number of toothed wheels. All ...

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TracerDAQ provides four virtual instrument applications used to graphically display and store input data – and generate o ...

... , constant, saw tooth, and custom ...

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The cute, cuddly Happy Tree Friends meet with one horrible, twisted disaster after another and only their friend Lumpy can save them!

... friends in 3D for the ...

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KISSsoft is a program for sizing, optimizing and recalculating designs for machine components such as gears ...

... torsional behavior, tooth profile deformation ... 2D and 3D drawings of ...


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