Arabic calligrapher 2.0.1

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Arabic Calligrapher is a 2D vector graphics design environment.

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The Ultimate Calligraphy Software for Osman Taha Naskh, Nastaleegh, Thuluth, Tahriri ...

... use ordinary Arabic fonts in ...

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InPage is an industry standard Page Making software for Urdu and related languages.

... to give a calligrapher style outlook ... Insertion for arabic fonts - Spell ...

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The Ultimate Calligraphy Software for osman Taha Naskh, Nastaleegh, Thuluth, tahriri, Shekasteh, Hashem Baghdadi Naskh, Divani Khafi and Divani Jali.

... use ordinary Arabic fonts in ... three: Farsi, Arabic and English ...

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This package, in conjunction with Apple's QuickDraw GX graphics system and GX-based application software ...

... software, allows Arabic, Urdu, and ...

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Urdu is a rich language with a multilingual and multi cultural heritage.

... roots in Arabic, English, Persian ...

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The Center for Research in Urdu Language Processing (CRULP) at National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences ...

... running a non-Arabic version of ...