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WinMD5Free is a tiny and fast utility to compute MD5 hash value for files.

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SendTo MD5 is a small application that allows you to calculate and compare MD5 checksums of files or strings.

... compare different MD5 hashes or simply ... with specific MD5 hash and ... calculate MD5 hash from ...

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A freeware utility to calculate the hash of multiple files. This is a 128-bit number usually expressed as a 32 character hexadecimal number.

... calculate the hash of ... hashes of your files. Features: - MD5 ... 512, CRC32 Hashes - Fast ...

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SX MD5 Hash Generator is the free desktop tool to quickly calculate MD5 hash. It can generate MD5 checksum for your file or custom text.

... MD5 checksum * Compute MD5 hash ... Uninstallation SX MD5 Hash Generator works ...


Program searches for duplicate files in selected folders. A whole hard disk or just a few folders can be selected.

... by calculating MD5 hashes, it will ... . Also, since MD5 hashes are calculated ...

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MD5 Free File Hasher is a program used to calculate the MD5 hash of any file.

... calculate the MD5 hash of any ... matches the MD5 file hash published ... comparing the MD5 hash.

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Fast and Simple. Users in over 200 countries have downloaded HashTab to use as a simple MD5 checker or for a more advanced file integrity check.

... a simple MD5 checker or ... calculate file hashes and supports ... many hash algorithms such as MD5 ...

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Febooti Hash & CRC is freeware cryptographic hash value calculator that allows computing MD5, SHA-1, CRC32 and other popular hash checksums of files.

... file hash checksums such as MD5 ... supported cryptographic hash checksum formats ...

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Hashtoolbox is a free software utility to calculate hashes for different files on your computer ...

... to calculate hashes for ... hashing algorithms such as: MD4, MD5 ... , using a hash calculator such ...

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HashMyFiles is small utility that allows you to calculate the MD5 and SHA1 hashes of one or more files in your system.

... the MD5 and SHA1 hashes of ... copy the MD5/SHA1 hashes list ... display the MD5/SHA1 hashes of ...

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Free MD5 SHA1 Verifier is a freeware designed to calculate and verify checksums (hash) of downloaded files.

... verify checksums (hash) of ... many hashing algorithms including MD5, ... checksum (hash) for ...