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Spectrum Microwave CASCADE Download
5.0 on 2 votes

Spectrum Microwave CASCADE is a software which allows the engineers to select the RF/Microwave components and predict system performance.

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AppCAD Download
4.3 on 28 votes

AppCAD is an easy-to-use program that provides you with a unique suite of RF design tools and computerized Application ...

...many RF, microwave, and wireless...

Advanced Design System Download
3.1 on 27 votes

Advanced Design System is the leading electronic design automation software for RF, microwave, and high speed digital applications.

...for RF, microwave, and high...

Winrad Download
4.4 on 9 votes

Winrad is a free amateur radio program that implements many Software Defined Radio (SDR) functions which are needed ...

...long distance microwave terrestrial contacts...

FAB 3000 Download
3.9 on 16 votes

FAB 3000 is targeted for designers of PCBs, Microwave and RF circuits and is chemically milled with parts and optical components.

...of PCBs, Microwave and RF...

AWR Microwave Office Download
3.0 on 24 votes

Microwave Office RF/microwave design software is the industry's fastest growing microwave design platform.

Microwave Office RF/microwave design ...growing microwave design platform. Microwave Office...

Antenna Magus Download
3.4 on 9 votes

Antenna Magus is a tool created to help accelerate the antenna design and modelling process. CST MICROWAVE STUDIO from...

Elsie Download
4.9 on 7 votes

Elsie™ is an uncommon commercial-grade lumped-element ("L-C") electrical filter design and network analysis program ... through microwave range. Thanks...

Digital Timer Download
5.0 on 3 votes

Digital Timer is a useful tool for measuring time durations - for example, if you want to measure how long it takes for a program to run.

...down (like a microwave oven timer...

Egg Timer Plus Download
4.3 on 4 votes

Egg Timer Plus was made due to the need for a quick, easy to use timer.

...use your microwave to time ...use the microwave half way...

EM3DS Download
2.8 on 4 votes

EM3DS (ElectroMagnetic 3D Simulator) is an equation based electromagnetic wave simulator. MEM (Microwave and ElectroMagnetics...