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Dora's Magic Castle Download
4.5 on 37 votes

The Wizard has lost his wand and his castle is under a spell! Everything's out of control.

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Dora's 3-D Driving Adventure Download
4.6 on 21 votes

Your child can join Dora and Tico in an exciting 3-D driving game.

... can join Dora and Tico ...

Dora's Big Birthday Adventure Download
4.6 on 22 votes

Dora and Boots are in Wizzle World, trapped inside the Magic Storybook!

... the Magic Storybook! Luckily, Dora has ... ! * A fun adventure! Will Dora and Boots ...

Dora's 3-D Backpack Adventure Download
5 on 20 votes

Oh, no! Swiper swiped the library books. Can your child help Dora find them? Explore Dora's neighborhood ...

... child help Dora find them ... ? Explore Dora's neighborhood, count ... in this 3-D adventure.

Dora's Lost and Found Adventure Download
4.3 on 36 votes

Dora and her friends are going to the park to put on a music show and follow it with a fun picnic.

Dora and her ... their picnic! Dora needs your ... 's a hidden picture adventure where you ...

PC ASG Golf Download

The ASG Full Game consists of the downloadable game, one course, and one card set of your choice.

Harpoon 3 Advanced Naval Warfare Download

Harpoon 3 Advanced Naval Warfare is the result of decades of development and fan support ...

Dora Saves the Snow Princess Download
4.4 on 18 votes

Dora's back, and this time she's off to explore the frozen places of the world so she can rescue the Snow Princess from a really mean witch.

Dora's back, and ... witch. Guide Dora through an ... ! Join the adventure and save ...

Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom! Download
4.3 on 22 votes

A Greedy King has taken all of the crystals that make Crystal Kingdom colorful and without them the Crystal Kingdom is starting to lose its color!

... its color! Dora and Boots ...

Dora the Explorer 3D Pyramid Adventure Download
4.5 on 66 votes

Dora the Explorer Pyramid Adventure is a great 3D game for kids.

Dora the Explorer Pyramid Adventure is a great ... to help Dora find the ...

Dora the Explorer La Casa de Dora Download
4.4 on 23 votes

Have a play date with Dora in La Casa de Dora. Play with Dora and her cousins as you explore Dora's house and discover games and surprises in every room.

... de Dora. Play with Dora and ... you explore Dora's house and ... Casa de Dora features: - Fine ...