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Secret of the Pendulum Download
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Secret of the Pendulum is a puzzle game where you need to help Lily and Madison to follow a series of clues about a recent string of chilling murders.

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Radionic Soft System Download
3.7 on 3 votes

RADIONIC SOFT SYSTEM v5 include although a diagnose system (to detect the radionic number) as the emiting way of waves.

... use of a pendulum because there ...

Swing Windows Download
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Swing Windows is an application that lets you swing all your desktop windows.

... . The rhythmic, pendulum-like movements ...

NVIDIA G-SYNC Pendulum Demo Download

The program gives a demo of the G-SYNC feature of the NVIDIA graphic cards.

... a simulation of a pendulum. With “noVSYNC ...

Parallaxis Cuckoo Clock Download
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Create the look and feel of the classic Cuckoo Clock on your computer desktop!

... its animated pendulum, and its ...

Solitaires Download
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Solitaires is a very large collection of solitaire card games.

... a computer game (as Babette ... , Moojub, Pendulum, Robin Post ... play a game every second ...

SoftCollection LED Line Download
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SoftCollection LED Line program lets you make a virtual LED table in the air.

... a button and a pendulum that presses ... button and pendulum is ... , the pendulum must press ...

Science Fair Download
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This program develop ten real-world applications of physics and math for kids aged 9 to 17.

... are: LEVERS, PENDULUM (studies basic ...

Risen Download
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Risen – the new role-playing hit from the legendary creator of Gothic, Piranha Bytes.

... side the pendulum of fate ...

Calcode Download
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Calcode is a solver for ordinary differential equations (ODE).

... text between pendulum motion and ...

Orange Metronome Download

The Orange Metronome is more than a digital pendulum. It is a complex rhythm generator and trainer with which you can ...

... than a digital pendulum. It is ...