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VHDL Simili is a low-cost, yet powerful and feature-rich VHDL development system designed for the serious hardware designer.

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VHDLLab is an educational program designed for modeling and simulation of digital circuits.

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Libero IDE is a comprehensive software toolset for designing with Microsemi Rad-Tolerant FPGAs ...

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jGRASP is a lightweight development environment created specifically to provide automatic generation of app visualizations.

... , Ada, and VHDL, Complexity Profile ...

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Komodo Edit is a text editor that can be used to develop programs in various languages.

... , JavaScript, Matlab, C#, C , VHDL, MXML, MySQL ...

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HDL Designer combines deep analysis capabilities, advanced creation editors, and complete project and flow management ...

... designs in VHDL, Verilog and ...

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The MAX+PLUS II BASELINE software includes support for selected FLEX, ACEX and MAX devices.

... designs include VHDL or ... you can download the MAX ... includes integrated VHDL and Verilog ...

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Doxygen is a documentation system for C , C, Java, Objective-C, Python, IDL (Corba and Microsoft flavors), Fortran, VHDL, PHP, C#, and to some extent D.

... flavors), Fortran, VHDL, PHP, C#, and ...

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ModelSim-Altera Edition software is licensed to support designs written in 100 percent VHDL and 100 percent Verilog ...

... percent VHDL and ... combination of VHDL and Verilog ... including behavioral simulation, HDL ...

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Visual Elite is a single solution that includes intuitive graphical design entry capabilities and can be used ...

... in Verilog, VHDL, C/C , SystemC, or ...

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HDL Works Ease contains graphical design environment with automated generation of hierarchical VHDL or Verilog code.

... of hierarchical VHDL or Verilog ... 's most popular simulators and synthesis ...

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X-HDL 4 is a Verilog VHDL bi-directional translator. X-HDL performs translation of even the most complex RTL/gate-level ...

... 4 is a Verilog VHDL bi-directional ...

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This free utility generates HDL Sine Look Up Table Modules in Verilog or VHDL.

... Verilog or VHDL. The developer ...