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Folder Colorizer Download
4.3 on 75 votes

Folder Colorizer 2 is a tiny, Windows-based utility for colorizing folders on your PC. Originally launched in 2011, it received over 5 000 000 downloads since.

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WinNc Download
3.3 on 16 votes

Norton Commander Filemanager WinNc is a tabbed file manager especially developed for Windows 10 & 11.

... the project folder as a link ... uses logical colors for the ... self extracting .exe files. It ...

Buddy Icon Grabber Download
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Buddy Icon Grabber is designed to extract high-quality icons from application files (exe ...

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ColorConsole Download
3.7 on 9 votes

ColorConsole ia a useful utility for windows that help the user to run commands to obtain informations about the sistem.

... multi cmd.exe. Fast folder switch.

Extract Icon Tool Download
2 on 1 vote

Extract Icon Tool is a utility that allows you to extract all icons out of the files on your hard drive automatically.

... choose a folder. The colors may be ... : ICO, DLL, EXE. You can ...

Encrypted File Scanner Download
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Encrypted File Scanner is the free tool to quickly scan and discover all the secret Encrypted files on Windows system.

... Executable Files (EXE, DLL, COM ... , drive or folder # Settings dialog ...

Antechinus Photo Magic Download
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Photo Magic is an image editing tool that is great for: * Musical slide shows.

... in one folder, with or ... into executables (.exe) and dynamic ...

Hold Image Download
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Hold Image is a professional DRM (Digital rights management) system for image copy protection.

... executable file (EXE) or an ... executable file (EXE) or the ...

EnCalc Download
5 on 1 vote

EnCalc is a portable windows calculator with practical built in features!

... removable colored calculator tape ... in .exe folder first, ... specific data folder - ...

123IconHunter Download
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123IconHunter scan folder and drives on your computer and extract icons hidden in EXE, DLL, OCX, ICO and other type files, and save them as icon files(*.

123IconHunter scan folder and drives ... hidden in EXE, DLL, OCX ...

Hidden File Finder Download
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Hidden File Finder is the free software to quickly scan and discover all the hidden files on your Windows system.

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