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Free Font Renamer is a very utility program . It`s easy to used this program ,you just have to select a folder with fonts and click the Rename button.

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File Renamer Basic was developed to easily and quickly rename multiple files at once.

... and quickly rename multiple ... you can rename entire directories ... perfect for renaming digital ...

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Advanced Renamer is a program for renaming multiple files and folders at once. By configuring renaming methods the names can be manipulated in various ways.

Advanced Renamer is a program for renaming multiple ... . By configuring renaming methods the ...

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Better File Rename's huge array of renaming options is organized into 10 intuitive categories that cover all the text ...

Better File Rename's huge ... great file renamer. On top ... Better File Rename provides advanced ...

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Since 1999 Flash Renamer has been the program of choice for users in need of a fast and intuitive way to rename multiple files in an automated fashion.

... 1999 Flash Renamer has been ... way to rename multiple files ... is batch renaming at it ...

3.3 on 31 votes

Advanced Find and Replace performs search of local files with smart queries as with Google.

... full-featured file renamer. - Possibility to rename ...

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123Tag is an easy-to-use and effective tag editor and file renamer for MP3, MP4, WMA and many other audio formats ...

... and file renamer for MP3 ...

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FileSee is a powerful All-In-One file viewer. It is a tool that helps you to view files quickly.

... , a filename batch renamer and manager ...

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How can radio DJs so quickly find tracks when they need them? It's because all files are neatly arranged in folders and the favorite song can be found quickly.

... will be renamed to have ... organizer and renamer for free ...

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Renamer is a versatile utility that allows you to select up to 32 files (unregistered) or up to 2000 files (registered) ...

... themselves. Renamer 3.0 is a full featured application ... By registering Renamer 3.0 you ...

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File List Creator is a little utility that can help you manage and keep track of all your files.

... tag to rename. - Mpeg 1.0 , ... create, rename, move and ... generator. - Full setup program.