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GardenPuzzle Download
5 on 1 vote

GardenPuzzle is a program that lets you quickly create beautiful garden designs and also visualize the results before publishing them.

Zen Puzzle Garden Download
5 on 18 votes

Zen Puzzle Garden is a puzzle game in which you must help a monk to rake the sand of a garden to get to a next level.

Virtual Garden Download
3.9 on 35 votes

Discover how you can apply basic design principles to your own garden by following the interactive topics.

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Enchanted Gardens Download

Create matches to restore five beautiful gardens in this delightful puzzle game.

... puzzle game. Collect custom garden ... play through Garden Mode, ... patterns in Puzzle Mode, ...

India Garden Download
5 on 1 vote

In this colourful game it's up to you to solve challenging puzzles and make sure the Maharaja's garden is restored to its original beauty.

... solve challenging puzzles and ... Maharaja's garden is restored ... this enchanted garden from ...

Chateau Garden Download

Chateau Garden is a match-3 puzzle adventure game, where you must help the princess maintain her chateau garden.

... Garden is a match-3 puzzle adventure ... chateau garden. The garden was ... overgrown garden. You ...

Hanging Gardens Of Babylon Download

Hanging Gardens Of Babylon is a puzzle adventure game. The year is 605 BC and Egyptian assassins are quickly approaching Babylon city to try and conquer it.

... Babylon is a puzzle adventure game ... hidden object puzzle adventure to ...

Astra Jigsaw My Favorite Things Download
5 on 92 votes

Exotic birds and huge elephants, elegant wildcats and cute kittens, racy dogs, fiery horses ...

... together the puzzle pieces. ... jigsaw puzzles. For each puzzle ... To make a puzzle easier to ...

Scrap Garden Download

Scrap Garden is a charming puzzle platformer about the adventures of Canny, a lonely robot ...

Scrap Garden is a charming puzzle platformer about ...

Flower Paradise Download
1 on 1 vote

Welcome to Flower Paradise! Solve your way through 250 unique flower puzzles in order to turn a patch of dirt into your own beautiful garden!

... beautiful garden! Play traditional 3 Match puzzles ... ! Customize your garden with flowers ...

Deep Voyage Download
4.7 on 20 votes

Beautiful mermaid sets off for her voyage in the depths of sea.

... a royal garden design competition ... levels, solve puzzles, help ... your sea-garden perfect. ...

Puzzle Hero Download
4.3 on 49 votes

As a stealth hero, you must free your brother from Zalock and his evil Army of Vegetables, ahem, Darkness!

... to 50 garden variety species ... to be a Puzzle Hero and ...

Blossom Download
1 on 1 vote

Become a master gardener in Blossom, the puzzle game that challenges you to irrigate your way to a bright, happy garden.

... Blossom, the puzzle game that ... a bright, happy garden. Sluice the ...