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Hide Folder Ext Download
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Hide Folder Ext is a unique program that hides folders on external drives.

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MioMap & IGO BMP Download
3.8 on 5 votes

How to compress and uncompress MioMap & IGO BMP. Use the button surrounded to open a BMP or Compressed file.

... a maximum of 253 colors in ...

LED Badge Download
4.1 on 9 votes

LED Badge is a free-to-use app that allows you to display messages to a led badge.

... . - Up to 253 letters. - Convenient ...

Advanced Phone Recorder Download
1 on 1 vote

Developer's description: Record your telephone calls to your hard through your modem as WAV files.

... modem supporting V.253 / IS-101 ...

World Championship Checkers Download
4.7 on 7 votes

World Championship Checkers is a highly sophisticated checkers program.

... away as 253 plies (127 ...