Ligand scout v2 for windows

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LigandScout is a fully integrated platform for accurate virtual screening based on 3D chemical feature pharmacophore models.

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ICM Chemist is a standalone suite of programs for chemical drawing and editing, chemical database generation, chemical searching, clustering, and enumeration.

... , 3D interactive ligand-receptor editing ...

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Molegro Virtual Docker is an integrated platform for predicting protein - ligand interactions.

... predicting protein - ligand interactions. Molegro ... to examine ligand-receptor interactions ...

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LeadIT, a powerful, new, aggressively easy to use platform for FBDD and SBDD.

... traditional protein-ligand docking. LeadIT ...

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ilib diverse is a flexible tool for creating libraries of drug-like organic molecules suitable for rational lead structure discovery in a fast and efficient way.


PLA Online is a client application, which will run by talking to our server at SRI ...

... (including the ligands Cd40lg, Csf1 ... work for Windows and Linux


MacroModel is a program that combines leading force fields, accurate effective solvation models ...

... those in a ligand-receptor complex.


Schrodinger Phase is a high-performance program for ligand-based drug design.

... program for ligand-based drug ...



ZMM is a molecular modeling program for theoretical studies of systems of any complexity: small molecules ...

... acids, and ligand-receptor complexes ...


Schrodinger Epik is a program designed for accurate enumeration of ligand protonation states in biological conditions.

... enumeration of ligand protonation states ...


CombiGlide is a program that combines accurate ligand-receptor scoring, clever combinatorial docking algorithms ...

... combines accurate ligand-receptor scoring ...