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MATLAB R2012a Download
3.3 on 78 votes

MATLAB is a programming environment for algorithm development, data analysis, visualization, and numerical computation.

MATLAB Compiler Runtime Download
3.8 on 145 votes

The MATLAB Runtime is a standalone set of shared libraries that enables the execution of compiled MATLAB applications ...

MATLAB R2015a (32-bit) Download
3.6 on 315 votes

MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) is a simulation package for engineering applications.

MATLAB R2015a Download
3.4 on 149 votes

MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) is a simulation package for engineering applications.

MATLAB Student Download
3.5 on 230 votes

MATLAB is the language of technical computing at leading engineering and science companies and the standard software at more than 5000 universities worldwide.

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Prode Properties Download
5.0 on 1 vote

Prode Properties permits to calculate the properties of a pure fluid or a mixture ...

...with Excel, Matlab for process...

MATLAB R2016a Download
3.3 on 69 votes

MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) is a mathematical and scientific computational tool.

MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory)...

MATLAB Component Runtime Download
3.0 on 18 votes

MATLAB Component Runtime is a standalone set of shared libraries that enable the execution of M-files.

...for the MATLAB language ...for MATLAB Compiler ...NET objects. MATLAB Component Runtime...

MATLAB Production Server Download
4.2 on 6 votes

MATLAB Production Server lets you run MATLAB programs within your production systems, enabling you to incorporate custom analytics in enterprise applications. MATLAB programs ...applications request MATLAB analytics ...running on MATLAB Production...

Komodo Edit Download
3.9 on 103 votes

Komodo Edit is a text editor that can be used to develop programs in various languages.

...Java, JavaScript, Matlab, C#, C , VHDL, MXML...

NeuroSolutions for MATLAB Download
3.3 on 6 votes

NeuroSolutions for MATLAB neural network toolbox is a MATLAB add-in that is easy-to-use and intuitive.

...MATLAB neural network toolbox is a MATLAB ...intelligence inside MATLAB. The software...

Matlab OPeNDAP loaddap Download
3.6 on 8 votes

The Matlab Structs Tool (aka 'loaddap') provides a way to read any DAP-accessible data into Matlab.

The Matlab Structs Tool ( into Matlab. This is creating Matlab Structure variables...

Scilab Download
4.2 on 24 votes

Scilab is a mathematical computing program similar to MATLAB.

...similar to MATLAB. It ...Simulink in MATLAB, but ...You can download additional toolboxes...

MatLab CAPE-OPEN Thermo Import Download
3.0 on 7 votes

This Matlab package allows for importing CAPE-OPEN version 1.

...Packages into Matlab. A command ...calculations inside Matlab. have Matlab (version...

Matlab CAPE OPEN Unit Operation Download
2.3 on 3 votes

The Matlab CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation is a unit operation implementation for which the calculations can be entered in Matlab.

...entered in Matlab.To get ...with the Matlab CAPE-OPEN ...environment. Insert a Matlab CAPE-OPEN...