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Like the award-winning Motocross Madness and Monster Truck Madness series, Midtown Madness takes you behind the wheel.

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Midtown Madness 2 delivers even more mad-cap racing excitement with all the wild and hair-raising racing challenges you've come to expect!

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In Bus Driver, your job is to transport passengers around an attractive and realistic city.

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What's the most important in painting? Certainly, to pick right color and brushes is important, but the most important is to deliver the paint to the painter.

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Burn tread and smash bumpers with four different monster trucks (Executioner, Firestone Wilderness ...

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The Midtown Madness 2 Vehicle editor allows you to quickly and easily change any vehicles characteristics.

The Midtown Madness 2 Vehicle editor ... mph!! The Midtown Madness 2 Vehicle Editor ...

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The year is 1973. The sound of a lone, ethereal saxophone drifts over the Roosevelt Island promenade ...

... accidents plague a midtown construction site ...