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Join a loveable polar bear in a winter wonderland of Arctic fun.

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Indian Cricket Captain 2003 is a stats based cricket simulation.

... of a ball bowled by taking ... as the bowler's averages and ...

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Ashes Cricket 2009, is a Cricket sports game developed by Transmission Games and published by Codemasters in the UK and by Atari in Australia.

... and Microsoft Windows. The PS3 ... 360 and Windows versions were ...


Bowrap is a program for recording the results of bowls teams.

... results of bowls teams. It ... Crown Green Bowls, although it ... for Lawn Bowls and indoor ...

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Nav Cricket Pack is a set of 6 calculators related to Cricket. Nav Cricket Pack includes:

... Average calculator - Bowler average calculator ... - Player Bowling Strike Rate ...

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Polar Golfer is a funny golf tournament simulation. Polar Golfer has so much talent that he whacks the ball with just one paw!

Polar Golfer is ... simulation. Polar Golfer has ... to unlock Polar Bowler's friends with ...

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Compete against the champion bowlers in a game full of Pins, Strikes, Spares, Gutter Balls, and Turkeys!

... 's the Annual Bowling for Burgers ... that matters: Bowling! Choose your ...

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Experience the thrills and spills of life on the Bowlers Tour!

... . With 10 exciting alleys ... of unique bowling balls, ... Saints & Sinners Bowling offers countless ...

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Bowl101 will handle all of your league needs, from keeping track of the stats, to tracking their payments ...

... enter the bowler' scores. ... bowlers, arrange bowler lineup, or ... many 20's 10's 5's etc. you ...


bowlingSTATS is designed for league bowlers and team captains to accurately keep track of bowling scores for multiple bowlers in multiple leagues.

... track of bowling scores for ... each league bowler and graphs ... become a better bowler. There is ...


Hercules is an open source software implementation of the mainframe System/370 and ESA/390 architectures, in addition to the latest 64-bit z/Architecture.

... under Linux, Windows, Solaris, FreeBSD ...