Power led 2.77

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Power Led Download
3.8 on 2147 votes

PowerLed is an application used to flash and edit the message on the supported LED panels.

LED Center Download
3.6 on 43 votes

LED Center is a program to create messages for your LED firm.

LED Resistor Calculator Download
4 on 1 vote

LED Resistor Calculator is a simple application written in Visual C++ Expression that can calculate a resistor's value and its power consumption.

PureVPN Download
3.8 on 63 votes

PureVPN gives you access to secure and surveillance-free Internet using encrypted VPN servers.

Vengeance Producer Suite - Scope Download
4.3 on 4 votes

Vengeance Producer Suite - Scope is a free analyser plug-in with scope, screctral and stereo field analyse capabilities.

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OtsAV Free Download
4.3 on 3 votes

OtsAV Free is the free edition in the OtsAV professional suite of products which are designed for DJs ...

... more. Version 1.77.001 delivers ...

Faogen Download
5 on 1 vote

Fast Ambient Occlusion Generator. Use your video card GPU to compute ambient occlusion really fast.

... and ForceWare 77.77 for NVIDIA ...

TimeTools SNtp Time Client Download
4 on 1 vote

TimeTools provides highly accurate GPS NTP Server and atomic clock timing systems and solutions for PC's and computer networks.

... MSF, DCF-77 and GPS ...

Pingus Download
3.4 on 11 votes

Pingus is a free Lemmings-like puzzle game covered under the GNU GPL.

... features currently 77 playable levels ...

HLPlanner Download
4 on 1 vote

HLPlanner is completely FREE mixed gas decompression software utilising the VPM-B algorithm.

... Baker’s Fortran 77 code, available ...

IPMasquerade Download
5 on 3 votes

With IP Masquerade you can select from dozens of fake IP addresses and surf the web anonymously and therefore hide your ...

... from over 77 countries. When ...

Elottronix Download
3.5 on 8 votes

Elottronix XL is an emulation of the Robert Fripp's delay effect known as "Frippertronics", which consists in two Revox B-77 making a continuous loop.

... two Revox B-77 making a continuous ...

Classic Drum Machines Volume Download

This expansion pack revisits the legacy of the Korg drum machines.

... the KPR-77 which was ...

WisBar Advance Desktop Download
3 on 1 vote

WisBar Advance Desktop replaces your existing Today screen. Using WisBar Advance Desktop ...

... more! * Use 77 variables to ...

NetpathXL Download
5 on 1 vote

NETPATH is an interactive Fortran 77 computer program used to interpret net geochemical mass-balance reactions ...

... interactive Fortran 77 computer program ...