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Pygame is free online. Released under the LGPL licence, you can create open source, free, freeware, shareware, and commercial games with it.

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Krowten Emagyp is a funny arcade game developed as a python network game using pygame.

... a python network game using pygame. When ...


A game made in python and pygame based off of the flash game SHIFT owned by Armor Games and made by Tony.

... made in python and pygame based ...

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PyOpenGL is a common cross platform Python binding to OpenGL and related APIs.

... platform Python binding ... libraries for Python including ( ... ): wxPython, PyGame, PyQt and ...

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An action/RPG sidescoller, focused not just on fighting, but on story, and character development.

... system with Python and pygame installed.


Big Two is popular poker game in Taiwan. SimPy Big Two is simple big two game using Taiwan Big Two rule.

... 's coded by python and pygame. The ...


Simple AI is a project which gives you a simple 2D world for playing with Artificial Intelligent actors.

... built in Python, using pygame for ...