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ReSharper is a renowned productivity tool that makes Microsoft Visual Studio a much better IDE.

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Overview The Plugin is a custom hosting environment for StyleCop which is invoked by ReSharper's IDaemonStage, IDaemonStageProcess interfaces.

... invoked by ReSharper's IDaemonStage, IDaemonStageProcess ...


ReSharper PowerToys are plug-ins developed by both the Community and JetBrains for use with ReSharper.

... use with ReSharper. The PowerToys ... features of ReSharper originated as ... in for ReSharper and ...


GenerateDispose PowerToy ReSharper Plugin (VS 10.0) is a plug-in that can be used ReSharper software.

GenerateDispose PowerToy ReSharper Plugin ( ... GenerateDispose PowerToy ReSharper Plugin (VS ...


CyclomaticComplexity PowerToy ReSharper Plugin is a tool specially created for the ReSharper software ...

CyclomaticComplexity PowerToy ReSharper Plugin is ... PowerToy ReSharper Plugin ...

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Agent Smith is a C# code style validation plugin for ReSharper (Visual Studio plugin).

... plugin for ReSharper (Visual Studio ... Johnson complements ReSharper with various ...


This is a plugin for the popular Visual Studio Addin Resharper.

... Studio Addin Resharper. This plugin ... rolled into Resharper or Visual ...

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ReSharper extends the functionality of Visual Studio IDE with code analysis, error checking, and formatting.

ReSharper extends the ... most inspections, ReSharper provides quick ...


Agent Mulder plugin for ReSharper analyzes the DI containers (Dependency Injection, sometimes called Inversion of Control or IoC containers) in your solution.

... plugin for ReSharper analyzes the ...


R# Settings Manager is a JetBrains ReShaper plug-in that adds an extended ReSharper settings management and sharing capabilities.

... to reconfigure ReSharper Inspection Severity ... the following ReSharper settings: Inspection ...


Clean Project is a utility that cleans Visual Studio project directories so you can quickly upload or email a zip file with your solution.

... , TestResults folder, Resharper folders.