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Fast, accurate, productive, just a few ways engineers describe RISA-3D.

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RISA-2D is easy to learn, and powerful to use. With an intuitive interface and familiar spreadsheets, you can solve your next problem in minutes, not hours.

RISA-2D is ... design codes, RISA-2D gives ...

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RISABase is an advanced base plate and anchor bolt design program.

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Complete foundation design. Perfect for two-way mat slabs, spread footings and combined footings with any layout.

... integrates with RISA-3D and RISAFloor ...


RISAFloor is an application used to design floor systems and works hand in hand with RISA-3D and RISAFoundation.

... hand with RISA-3D and RISAFoundation ... automatically delivers RISA-3D the information ...

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WinTabs is a little program that makes it easier to access multiple documents while using one of 71 supported programs (full list below).

... support for installation and uninstallation ... , Putty, RegEdt32, RISA-2d, Siemens ...


RISAConnection provides a comprehensive steel connection design with the aid of a 3D model.

... aid of a 3D model. RISAConnection ...

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Automatically check bearing pressure, sliding, overturning, and uplift.

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RISAMasonry offers a complete answer for analysis and design of masonry construction.

... .With a familiar RISA interface, quickly ...


RISASection allows the user to define any type of complex cross section either by combining standard shapes or by defining new shapes.


The RISA-Revit Link is intended to provide a seamless and thorough transfer of data between RISA and Revit.

The RISA-Revit Link ... data between RISA and Revit ...