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Screen Split is an application SW to divide window layout for efficient management of windows with LG monitor.

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Quick Pallet Maker is an application that was designed to help the package designer create optimal box and pallet ...

... an input window where the ... internal box dividers. What does ...


The FPLL Calculator assists a user with the configuration of the FMzPLL on TMS570 microcontrollers. It allows the user to input:

... - multiplier setting - divider settings Once ...


This is the software for the K111 Isolated dual output frequency trip amplifier.

... , filter, frequency divider, hysteresis etc ...


A simple and easy-to-use file splitting utility program. It provides an attractive and user-friendly interface.


Web Page Wizard is a clever tool for creating Web pages from scratch.

... , heading, paragraph, divider, anchor, graphic ...


MultiSplitPane it's a Swing container that just supports a resizable tiled layout of arbitrary components.

... gaps called "dividers" that can ...

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Video Comparison Tool is a File Compare product from, Compare your videos fast and easy.

... the comparison window, and change ... a the vertical divider line in ... of the window.

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Debs Karaoke Renamer is a free tool which allows you to quickly rename multiple Karaoke Zip Files.

... dashes and dividers, removing double ...

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This program lets you split large files and merge them when needed.

... program while dividing. This program ... send the divided files directly ...

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TimePanic FE for Windows is the freeware edition of TimePanic for Windows with a reduced feature set.

... FE for Windows is the ... TimePanic for Windows with a ... pane -New divider line -General ...