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Get out of your starship and turn your Spore creatures into legendary Space Captains.

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Create your own unique creatures and watch them come to life, then share them with the world.

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With Spore you can nurture your creature through five stages of evolution: Cell, Creature, Tribe, Civilization, and Space.

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Patch 5.1 is now available on Steam. To get the patch, simply launch Spore. PC players will need to have EADM installed.

... , simply launch Spore. PC players ... installed Spore, you can download it ...

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The Creeper World Map Editor (CWME) allows you to create and edit maps for use in Creeper World.

... emitters and spore waves. You ...

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Jewel Quest III Visit every continent, while working on specific quests to earn jewels and artifacts, searching for the fabled Golden Jewel Board.

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The world of Nimoa is as beautiful as the morning dew, but only at first glance.

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Aquarium Spore is a free screensaver dedicated to the "Cage" game SPORE.

Aquarium Spore is a free ... "Cage" game SPORE. It will ...

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The postprocessor WUFI-Bio allows to assess the risk of mould growth, based on measured or computed local climate conditions.

... which allows a spore to germinate.

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SPORE Creepy & Cute Parts Pack is a simulation game that allows you to add horror and humor to your universe.

SPORE Creepy & Cute ...


In this game u can play as either Mick or Mack. Your goal is the explore the jungle and collect as many goodies ...


Caterpillars FREE is a game where you need to fight against different bugs.