Thermo proteome discoverer 1.2 demo

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Proteome Discoverer software is a comprehensive tool for proteomic data analysis.

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ProteinID Finder is a commercial protein analyzation software capable of extracting information from the online universal protein resource database UniProt.


GPS (Group-based Prediction System) can predict kinase-specific phosphorylation sites for 408 human PKs in hierarchy.

... . In addition, a proteome-wide prediction ...


ScaffoldPTM is a computational tool that automates post-translational modification (PTM) site assignment in proteomic experiments.

... assignment in proteomic experiments. It ...


pIcarver is a tool to visualize theoretical distributions of peptide pI on a given pH range ...

... between the Proteome Informatics Group ... the Biomedical Proteomics Research Group


iGPS is a free app for the prediction of in vivo ssKSRs. This app provides useful information for the understanding of ...

... PTM-regulating proteomes.