You will find all the programs here that are a must for you to manage your PC screen. The software from this category will come in handy whenever you want to customize your desktop: add weather widgets, change or edit a background image, personalize the look of your files, etc.

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3.8 on 12 votes

Victor Borges

3.7 on 13 votes

Drive Software Company

3.6 on 5 votes

The Donna Karan Company LLC Donna Karan

Carthago Software

5 on 1 vote


4.8 on 13 votes

Hit Entertainment

3.9 on 31 votes


5 on 6 votes

eleFun multimedia network

Camtech 2000

Gem Systems


Anetto Software (Anton Smirnov)

2.5 on 2 votes

Kros a.s.

5 on 1 vote

muted Clef

Citrix Systems, Inc.


3 on 2 votes


Danny Tuppeny

Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell

Magnetic Automation Corp.

5 on 2 votes

Eyelid Productions Ltd

Pseudo Art Software

3 on 1 vote

Clarus Interactive, LLC

Ulrich Scheller - daddy

5 on 1 vote

Joel Riley

BetOnSoft N.V.

1 on 1 vote