General apps audio & video

A fine library to suit the needs of the most sophisticated multimedia lovers. Here you will be able to find various software titles, ranging from text-to-speech applications to voice changers.

AppleScripts by Tom X

Eduard K. Chew

Moments Studio

Graeme Porteous,Jim Powell

Coding Robots

3.9 on 44 votes

Roman Sokolov


Cycling '74

4.7 on 88 votes

Luca Zorzi

Musings From Mars


By Limit Point Software

2.4 on 67 votes

iPlayBook Apps

3.9 on 88 votes

Ali Rantakari

4.3 on 67 votes

Boinx Software

5 on 68 votes

Red Bull Media House GmbH


Yamaha Corporation


Synchrimedia Software, LLC

2.3 on 10 votes

Jan Kampling

Opera widgets

By Safyah Solutions

Klaus Filip

2.8 on 38 votes


Michael C. Thornburgh

5 on 1 vote