General apps audio & video

A fine library to suit the needs of the most sophisticated multimedia lovers. Here you will be able to find various software titles, ranging from text-to-speech applications to voice changers.

Adobe Systems, Inc.


Francisco Garza

AppleScripts by Tom X

Eduard K. Chew

Moments Studio

Pierre Couprie

Graeme Porteous,Jim Powell

Coding Robots

3.9 on 44 votes

Roman Sokolov

The Pennsylvania State University

3.5 on 4 votes

Luca Zorzi

Musings From Mars


5 on 1 vote


By Limit Point Software

2.4 on 67 votes

iPlayBook Apps

3.9 on 88 votes

Intelligent Assistance Software, Inc

5 on 69 votes

Boinx Software

5 on 68 votes

Red Bull Media House GmbH

Boris Penck


Ali Rantakari

4.3 on 67 votes


Yamaha Corporation