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What would we do without apps that allow us to communicate with our friends, family members, co-workers, or business partners almost anywhere with no actual limits? Popular and extremely useful messaging tools, social applications, e-mail clients, VoIP software will always meet the increasing requirements of people in the communication sphere. They all listed right here in this category.


3.2 on 99 votes

the sz development

3.2 on 34 votes

Adium Team

4.4 on 65 votes

Jordy Rose

Rebirth Apps


Fresh Squeezed Apps LLC.

Antonio Lore'

3.5 on 61 votes

Tunabelly Software

3.5 on 32 votes

5 on 49 votes

Alex King

USL Software, Inc.

5 on 2 votes

Apple Inc.

4.1 on 39 votes

Eternal Storms Software

4.4 on 95 votes

Takuto Nakamura

5 on 86 votes

Stefan Williams

3.5 on 24 votes

Moth Software

3.4 on 15 votes

Digitech Branding

By iLife Technology

Branden Moore

4.4 on 47 votes

Showitfast, Inc.

7thDomain Software

4 on 12 votes

Appsoft Studio

5 on 39 votes


Daum Kakao Corp

5 on 1 vote

Nimbuzz B.V.

4.4 on 5 votes

Akihiro Noguchi

4.6 on 35 votes