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Software developments is a very broad field and different development tools are applied to different purposes. This category offers you a wide array of applications for software development where you will certainly find what you need.


OhMyApps Inc.

Dimitri van Heesch

5 on 1 vote

Hexler Limited

Code Clean LLC

Oracle Corporation

David Auber , Patrick Mary , Ludwig Fiolka

TweakNow Indonesia


3.3 on 9 votes


Satish Mahalingam

4.2 on 65 votes


R Project

4.7 on 79 votes

Tom Butterworth and Anton Marini

4.8 on 70 votes

Deep IT Pro


Oracle and/or its affiliates


Ivan Sorokin

Oyun Döngüsü Ltd.

Yusuke Matsumoto

Dmitriy Delistoyan

Jörg Bullmann

Bogdan Daniel Vladu

Hot Milk Tea

Jesse Ruder