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Best Text Editors 2019 for Mac

Text editors allow you to quickly manage plain text and write and improve your source code. We've reviewed top 5 text editors designed for a different audience: ordinary users, web designers, and app developers. Look through this article and choose the best tool for yourself.

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William Dillon

Rage Software

3.5 on 83 votes


4.4 on 97 votes

Nicholas H.Tollervey

Colourful Apps

3.2 on 39 votes


Michael Hohl

3.6 on 70 votes

Carl Wieland

Keynetech Inc.

3.7 on 68 votes



3.6 on 32 votes


Linus Torvalds, Dirk Hohndel, Tomaz Canabrava

4.2 on 20 votes

Sun Peak Studio

Yongchao Fan


Xpressive Team & Modulay inc.

2.1 on 94 votes

JetBrains s.r.o

5 on 11 votes

The Apache Software Foundation

3.7 on 13 votes

Midwinter Duncan Grant

4.7 on 86 votes

Tonbrand Software

5 on 87 votes

Microedition Biz

TideSDK Team

Little Big Monster Inc.

4.1 on 76 votes

Tomoyuki Okawa

2.5 on 33 votes

Free Software Foundation, Inc.

Bill Cheeseman

Carl Wieland

4.2 on 56 votes